We used three clips for our talk on “Six types of conflict, part 1.” The first was an introductory clip, that shows a couple of types of conflict, from the old Dick Van Dyke Show. While we only watched the first couple of minutes, you can see the whole episode here. (via Hulu.com)

The second clip was shown to support the point about communication…and how men and women react differently. This was from Dr. Henry Cloud and the CloudTownsend.com website.

The final clip was shown at the end of class. This also was from Dr. Cloud.


Here is the setup video we used for class today. This is actually from the Florida Department of Health. I was surprised to see a “local” funny video that I had never seen before.

Wii20100606-Media files

Three videos from CloudTownsend.com formed the basis for our class this morning. The first was on Value #4.

Then, there was Value #5…

We ended with Value #6.

Wii20100523-Media files

We used two clips from the CloudTownsend.com website during today’s class.

The first clip explains why values are important…

The second clip covers the #1 value that must be part of every marriage relationship…