Wii20091213-Entry056-Points and the Doghouse


[Note: There was no podcast for December 6, 2009. We spent the entire class time watching video, so there was nothing to record. There will also be no recording for December 27, when we held our class Christmas party.]

Trudi talks about the scorekeeping in marriage and how men and women keep and score points differently.

Wii20091129-Entry055-Incredible Sex…4, 3, 2…

Tim discusses Mark Gungor’s 4th, 3rd, and 2nd keys to Incredible Sex.
Based on teaching by Mark Gungor and LaughYourWay.com.

Tim discusses Mark Gungor’s 4th, 3rd, and 2nd keys to Incredible Sex.

Based on teaching by Mark Gungor and LaughYourWay.com.

Follow-up to Entry053

Part of the reason for this blog is having the opportunity to discuss some of what happens in class. Though it doesn’t happen often, it would be nice to be able to have discussion over and above the limited time we have available on Sunday mornings.

In our class yesterday, we talked about Mark Gungor’s teaching on “going back for the girl”. Gungor told about the need every man has to boldly enter their world, pursue their dreams, and conquer their tasks. His main point was that men needed to do that, but it is far more important to remember the needs of their wife and not sacrifice marriage and family in pursuit of their ambitions.

Following his teaching, I talked about confidence, and the confidence that comes from being chosen.

Why was I stuck on confidence?

If you remember, Gungor talked about how Adam had failed in the garden of Eden. He said that Adam, given the chance to speak up and protect Eve and drive out Satan, had instead remained silent and done nothing. Gungor said – rightly so – that this was cowardice of a type that affects many men who are too afraid to speak up and get involved with their family.

To me, that’s an issue of confidence. Men – who are perfectly confident in business and work situations – become wimpy and weak in relational situations.

This failure to be confident drives insecure behavior, as it always does. Out of their insecurity, men retreat into their work-world, and don’t “go back for the girl.”

What it really takes to “go back for the girl” is confidence. And what it really means to “go back for the girl” is choosing her. When you put your “puking little life” aside and choose to spend time and affection and emotion and energy on her, you are saying, “I choose you more than anything or anyone else.”

In turn, choosing her helps give her the confidence she needs. It says that she is worthwhile and important and strong. Being chosen brings confidence.

What do you think? Does this make sense to you?