Wii20090802-Entry039-Fleeing the Trap, Part 2


Trudi completes the lesson on Fleeing the Conflict Trap and what to do about the button-pushing and reactions that happen in our relationships.

This teaching is heavily based on Alan Godwin’s book, How to Solve Your People Problems. You can find his material at www.PeopleProblems.org.

Download the Class Notes for the Conflict Trap.

Wii20090726-Entry038-Reason and Fleeing


Tim wraps up the session from last week on developing our reason muscles and Trudi discusses how to get out of the Conflict Trap. This is a fast-paced discussion covering a lot of ground.

Download – the class notes on Personal Wrongness

Wii20090705-Entry035-People, Problems and Porcupines


Tim starts a new series – Dealing with Difficult People – based on a book by Alan Godwin. Today he gives the introduction, including the things we resort to rather than pursuing close connections.

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